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What Is Forex?
Forex Market, synonymous name for Foreign exchange, known as FX market also, takes place when person exchanges money denominated in his country’s currency for money denominated in a currency of another country. It really doesn’t matter whether the value of transaction is measured in a couple of hundred dollars that a tourist from U.S. exchanges on his vacation in Mexico, if it is a person from Spain buying a book priced in US dollars on website or if it is a Bank of Japan buying five billion dollars to protect their export industry by supporting US dollar.

Forex can be cash, credit card funds, traveler’s checks and other short-term claims, however vast majority of Forex transactions takes place among the international network of major foreign exchange dealers located around the world in the form of the exchange of bank deposits of different national currencies. Forex transactions take place at current exchange rate – the number of units of one nation’s currency that must be paid in order to purchase a unit of another nation’s currency. Exchange rate is constantly fluctuating and is determined by the laws of supply and demand through the interaction of buyers and sellers in that market. Buyers and sellers consist of banks, financial firms, individuals, official bodies and institutions from all over the world in a market that virtually “never sleeps”. Different buyers and sellers are in the market for different reasons that include hedging, investing, speculation, purchasing of goods from foreign country and together they all have a role in establishing exchange rate at any particular moment

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