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BFXArabia - [URL=""]forex market[/URL]
What Is Forex Market all about?
The Forex market is the largest and the most liquid market in the world. The estimated daily turnover is approximately 3 Trillion US dollars. It is more than NYSE, NASDAQ, London and Tokyo exchanges combined.

The foreign exchange market never sleeps; trading day starts in Wellington, New Zealand followed by Sydney, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Three hours later trading day begins in Dubai (UAE) and other Middle Eastern countries. In couple of hours they are followed by Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, Rome… London is the last one to open in Europe and five hours later New York, and then Chicago and finally West Coast follow it.

The busiest hours at the Forex market are early European mornings because at that time major Asian exchanges are still open and European afternoons because at that time major US markets are open at the same time as Europe.

روابط مساعدة: [URL=""]ما هو الفوركس[/URL] ، [URL=""]التحليل الفني للعملات[/URL] ، [URL=""]التحليل الفني للنفط[/URL] ، [URL=""]التحليل الفني للذهب[/URL]
[URL=""]Forex Trading[/URL] [URL=""] Forex Market[/URL]

نخدمكم بسرور،
قسم الإستراتيجيات وأبحاث السوق في شركة [URL=""]BFXARABIA[/URL]


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